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Named for streets that flank the Amazon headquarters in Seattle, Thomas & Mercer showcases first-rate fiction, from cozy mysteries to heart-stopping thrillers.

The Neighbors
"Doesn’t pull any punches . . . delivering a story that is atmospheric and brutal, with an ending that is absolutely correct and absolutely horrifying. Genre fans should be enthusiastically pointed in this novel’s direction."
El Dorado Blues
"Why let Florida corner the market on escapades when [he] can so ably describe wild and wacky Baja?"
Big Maria
"One of the funniest, wildest, comic-caper adventures we have stumbled across in a long time.”
The Bubble Gum Thief
"A gripping plot and a terrific cast leave the reader hoping that this is the first of a series; these characters are too good for just one book."
The Trinity Game
"A fast-paced and altogether engrossing novel . . . [the author] masterfully keeps everything in balance."
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